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The Sydney Branch has a long history with the earliest organised wharfies banding together here in Australia’s first city as far back as 1872 with the Sydney Wharf Labourers Union on the now iconic Hungry Mile.

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Workers Not to Blame for Hutchison Problems

The position of third stevedoring operator Hutchison has nothing to do with its enterprise agreement, despite what has been claimed in the media by commentators and unnamed sources.


Solidarity with the Nation's First People

The Sydney Branch has thrown its full support behind the Redfern community in its determination to stop ‘The Block’ from being developed and to stop their community from being forced out of Redfern.


Fair Go for Ferry Workers

The fundamental industrial right to collectively bargain is being denied to 50 ferry workers.

Manly Fast Ferries, which operates between Circular Quay and Manly, has adopted a whole host of anti-worker, union-busting tactics, to discourage its workforce from organising to obtain a better deal.


MUA Numbers Strong in Sydney May Day Rally

MUA members were out in droves over the weekend taking part in May Day marches held in all capital cities and most regional towns.


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Paul McAleer

Branch Secretary

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Deputy Branch Secretary

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Joe Deakin

Assistant Branch Secretary

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Paul Garrett

Assistant Branch Secretary

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