Sydney Branch Charter of Principles

Published: 14 Jul 2021

Maritime Union of Australia Sydney Branch Charter of Principles


We as members of the MUA Sydney Branch recognise ourselves as the custodians of a proud history of unionised maritime workers that began in 1872. We respect and honour the contributions and legacy of those members who sacrificed and struggled in order to achieve rights and conditions of employment that deliver us dignity and respect as workers. We are committed to upholding the militant fighting legacy that has been built for us and will work to ensure that we improve outcomes to pass on better jobs and a better society to those that follow us. We understand that as workers we are part of society and so we understand that we are affected both directly and indirectly by industrial, political and social change. We are aware of the responsibility and duty this implies and as such we adopt and commit to the following charter of principles to advance the industrial, political and social interests of the collective membership of the MUA.


1. We will always act in accordance with MUA Rules, National Conference determinations, the MUA Sydney Branch Plan and this Charter of MUA Sydney Branch Principles.

2. We will treat each other with the respect that membership of a progressive Union enshrines. Freedom of expression is a right coupled with a responsibility that includes never victimising, intimidating or abusing another member. We will not tolerate the weakening of our collective through division by racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination.

3. We will build a united membership capable of achieving the objectives of the MUA Sydney Branch through an education program that creates members who are informed, engaged and active.

4. We believe in fairness, equal opportunity and justice and will promote workplace practices that deliver this whilst ensuring the elimination of injustice and discrimination in all of our spheres.

5. In recognising the struggle waged by previous maritime workers in achieving the workplace rights and conditions of employment we enjoy today; we will ensure the protection of our jobs by treating the job with the respect it deserves. We will take collective action that seeks to secure and advance our rights and conditions into the future in the knowledge that we sacrifice on behalf of the collective.

6. We will create democratic workplaces where safety, dignity in employment and life, career path development and equal opportunity are enshrined within elected frameworks.

7. We will work towards the creation of democratic socially owned workplaces whereby exploitation is destroyed and the profits are returned to the community by way of public services.

8. We recognise that only the achievement of ‘Peace, Unity in Struggle and Socialism’ can deliver full democratic industrial, political and social rights and responsibilities; can achieve equality of opportunity, justice and the achievement of individual fulfilment of the personality and character; achieve relationships based on the elimination of exploitation, oppression and repression and the creation of a peaceful solidarity between all peoples within an ecologically sustainable environment.

9. We commit to participating in the decision making processes and attending MUA meetings and events to strengthen the union that unites us in our class interests.

10. We will always work to organise the unorganised until all maritime workers are MUA.


Failure to adhere to these principles will weaken the position of the union, MUA members and the working class. Adhering to these principles at all times will strengthen our capacity to maintain and advance our collective interests and ensure the legacy we leave to those that follow will be a better one.





Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney