The MUA offers a range of courses for delegates, safety reps, and active members. MUA training helps delegates, HSRs and active members develop skills, knowledge and strategies to improve the working lives of all our members. 

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Courses are held in all branches and major ports. Some courses are held at the MUA Training School in St Georges Basin on the south coast of NSW. ‘The Basin’ is a legendary and unique facility, and is getting a lot of use under the union’s expanded training program.

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Level 1 Delegates (2 days)

This two day course provides delegates with essential information about performing their role in the workplace.

Level 1 is open to all any members who would like to get more involved. The course is suitable for newer delegates in their first 6-12 months of involvement, or as a refresher for delegates who have not attended union training for some time. 

The course is about building a strong and effective union at work and covers topics such as: role and rights and of MUA delegates, the structure and democracy of the union, our history and culture, solving problems in the workplace, essential legal and technical information, including key aspects of the Fair Work Act, communication skills, introduction to the ITF, MUA members in a global context.

Level 2 Delegates (2 days)

This two day course is for delegates with 12 months or more experience. It consolidates and extends skills covered in the Level 1 course and focuses on some advanced skills such as campaigning, public speaking, and negotiation skills. The second day of the course includes a team-based negotiation exercise based on a real-life scenario.

Level 3 Delegates: Leadership Development Program (3 days)

This advanced courses is aimed at MUA experienced delegates, workplace leaders and up-and-coming new delegates. This course goes beyond the level 1 or 2 programs. There is a youth-focus but it is not limited to young workers. Admission is by expression of interest. Two three-day workshops will be held during 2014.

Training for women members and delegates 

This initiative builds on the great work by the MUA Womens Committee to give voice to the many women who work in every part of the industry. The aim of this program is to equip women delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to play an active role in the union, both at a local and national level. Contact your branch for more information.

Training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates and members

MUA is launching a new dedicated three-day development program to equip our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates to play a vocal and active role in the representative structures of our union, and in the industry more broadly. The content and location of this program will be developed with the MUA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee and key ATSI leaders within our union. Contact your branch for more information.

Seafarer Delegates (2 day)

This is new course is for MUA delegates at sea. It deals with the specific challenges and issues faced by delegates on board vessels. It is a national course, run at the MUA Training School in St Georges Basin, NSW. The training has been developed with experienced seafaring delegates and covers topics such as: effective on-board union organisation, problem solving and negotiation skills, history of MUA and SUA at sea, safety in the marine/offshore jurisdiction, political awareness, rolling funds, minute books, how to run meetings.

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