Vale Pat Geraghty: A Message from the National Secretary Paddy Crumlin

Dear Comrades, 

I am very sad to report our retired National Secretary Pat Geraghty has passed away overnight from medical complications following a heart problem last week. Our first thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his loving family, who with others, have stood vigil with him at his bedside and elsewhere in preparation for his final voyage. The family wish to reach out and thank everyone for the overwhelming messages of support and want you to know that they have found great strength and peace through that support.


Pat was a remarkable person and, of course, will be greatly missed. We are reassured in, our grief at his passing, that he lived a life that brought hope, opportunity, peace, support and decency to maritime and other workers in this country and across the world. He lived his life around a determination that if you can make a contribution for the common good of anyone, then do it. He worked for the common good with his inimitable and indomitable humour, wisdom, compassion, humility and persistent courage and raw toughness in the face of many adversities.

He earned, without expectation, the respect and admiration of national and international political, human rights, corporate and trade union leaders at the highest level while holding other’s belief and faith in him and his work from the working women and men that he unerringly and uncompromisingly represented. 

At a time of deep and adversarial division nationally and internationally Pat's constant commitment to peace, justice and opportunity and support for all - regardless of person, place and circumstance - will continue to stand as a beacon for hope and focused action for those that wish to tread the same pathway and also those that are in such dire need of that leadership that delivers on that hope to so many.

Pat has completed a long journey and on behalf of the MUA we wish his loving family all of the relief, our deepest sympathies and condolences, that we can bring at this time of their grief. We hope deeply, in some small way, our heartfelt thoughts reassure them of the great love and belief we had in Pat and all he strove for on their, and our behalf.

We will keep you informed of the arrangements for the funeral after talking to the family. Could you please relay the news of Pat’s passing to his many friends and comrades in your reach please.

Vale Patrick Geraghty, family man, seafarer, trade unionist and leader, socialist and man of peace.

Goodbye, friend and comrade.

In unity,


Paddy Crumlin

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  • Matheus Marques
    commented 2016-05-01 00:36:38 +1000
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  • Cuban Embassy Australia
    commented 2016-04-14 13:28:29 +1000
    National Secretary Paddy Crumlin & MUA members,

    We are writing on behalf of H.E. Jose Manjuel Galego Montano, Ambassador of Cuba in Australia to offer his most sincere condolences in the passing of Mr. Pat Geraghty. He was a great person that contributed in such a great scale in the defense of human rights that his influence will endure for uncountable years in the spirit on the new generations of MUA members. Pat was one of the Australia’s greatest trade union leaders, one of the best Friends of The Cuban Embassy in Australia and a great supporter of the Australian and Cuba Friendship Society. Certainly he will be missed not only for those who had the honor to be close to him but also for those who will follow in his steps and continue his remarkable work.

    We would like also to extend our deepest condolences to his family.

    Embassy of Cuba in Australia
  • Steve-Janette Davidson
    commented 2016-04-08 14:44:43 +1000
    I am writing on behalf of my father in law Gerry Carmichael who lives near Edinburgh in Scotland. Gerry sailed with Pat in the 1950s on the Caltex Liverpool. They became firm friends and remained as such up till Pat’s passing, regularly skyping up until this year. Gerry wants me to pass on his condolences to Pat’s wife and family. He will greatly miss the friendship of such an outstanding seamen who courageously worked for the benefit of others and was a great pal to so many.
  • Jennie Finch
    commented 2016-03-31 15:00:13 +1100
    I am deeply saddened by the passing of this great man. Along with my husband Wayne, we got to have an informal interview with Pat where he spoke about his life at sea, as an Official of the SUA, the struggles, the wonderful characters and the achievements of Australian seafarers. It is a precious gift he gave to us and we are currently developing his own words into a documentary. Pat is and was, an exceptional person. He devoted his life to assisting ordinary working men and women by championing their causes and improving their lot. Such devotion comes at a personal cost that many do not realize or understand. To Tess and family I extend my love and deepest sympathy at this very sad time for you all. xx
  • David Field
    commented 2016-03-31 08:04:23 +1100
    National Secretary Paddy

    Both personally and on behalf of my Board colleagues of The Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund (MNWMF), I extend to you and all your comrades, throughout all areas of the MUA, deepest condolences, on the passing of your esteemed member, The Late Pat Geraghty.

    “Each of us meet in all kinds of places / circumstances, that we know are special. It’susually in the way they inspire others and make them feel good about themselves – and in the process engender their loyalty, respect & great affection. Quiet modesty, good humour, gracious dignity and well-tempered resilience are their hall marks. significantly they display these qualities equally in their working environment & social lives….not because of a calculated and manipulative intent…but because, by their very nature they treat all people alike”

    David Field
    Chairman, Merchant Navy War Memorial Fund
    Former Chair, Syd Ports Corporation (98-06)
    Former CEO Blue Star Line Aust Pty Ltd
  • Onesun Sunone
    commented 2016-03-30 20:10:51 +1100
    Garry young (Hat)

    Vale Pat Geraghty, Family man, Seaman,Trade union internationalist,and good socialist.
    Pat was a man among men,you had to be a Fireman, He will not be forgotten amongst Seafarers, International Trade unions world wide.
    To Tess his wife and his sons Mathew, Christopher my Deepest Sympathy and condolences. R.I.P. My old Friend and Comrade
    In Unity
  • David Barker
    commented 2016-03-28 21:29:02 +1100
    MUA Members on board the Pacific Centurion pass on their condolances to the family of Pat Geraghty.All onboard appreciate his tireless work as leader of the SUA and his commitment to the financial security of seafarers through the Seafarers Retirement Fund
    Vale Comrade
  • Ian Dawson
    commented 2016-03-28 18:29:14 +1100
    Vale Pat. There are many children, women, and men that owe thanks to your tenacity for social reform. I wish I had the opportunity to meet you and your family in person. Your personality and comradery lives on with me, and all the people you have touched and defended in your life time. Condolences to all your family, friends and comrades.
    In Unity.
    Ian Dawson.
  • Tim Ribergaard
    commented 2016-03-28 17:31:31 +1100
    My deepest condolences to Pat’s family and close friends. My last meeting with him was at our last World Maritime Day. He told the story of how the memorial the those men who lost there lives in the wars came about. A very witty and a good story with the usual colourful touches as only Pat could do. It was a great pleasure to get to shake his hand and look into his eyes and exchange a few words. Pat will never be forgotten from one part of the world to the other for his leadership his drive and his belief that all working people deserve to be paid fairly and work in a safe environment. His contribution lives on with the conditions and pay we all enjoy today. Also after we retire with the Maritime super which has given us dignity to live a decent life after we finish working. Vale Pat Geraghty a giant in the lives of the working class.
  • Karen Wheatland
    commented 2016-03-28 13:52:40 +1100
    A gentle man with a social conscience bigger than humanity! so honoured to have been in your company the very few times that we were and, in saying that, you made me feel like i was so important and so valued, like everyone you met. Only certain people know how to do that and the world has not seen many, the way you made people feel was a true gift. Thank you Pat for all that you gave, thanks for all that you fought for and for the inspiration you have given us all to continue to fight… The world is a better place with your imprint on it, never to forget or to take what you helped do for granted… Vale comrade… Kaz Wheatland
  • Bob Phillips
    commented 2016-03-28 13:16:40 +1100
    Your leadership and compassion will be the rememberance I am left with ‘Bluey’ sincere condolences to Tess & family
    Bob Phillips
  • Henrik Berlau
    commented 2016-03-25 19:54:33 +1100
    It is with great sadness we has learned that Pat Geragthy is no longer with us.

    Pat will live on in our memories as the great trade unionist, internationalist and inspirator he was.

    He was our commrade.

    Henrik & Jeanne Berlau

  • John Christie
    commented 2016-03-25 09:21:24 +1100
    Very sad news,a great man .My heartfelt condolences.
    John Christie.