Published: 26 Aug 2020

Between the 11 and 14 August Branch Secretary Jamie Newlyn and Branch Organiser Campbell Duignan took the opportunity to travel to Whyalla, with stop overs on the return leg via Port Augusta and Port Pirie.

  • FOTB: The Whyalla visit was to coincide with a visit to the FOTB whilst alongside the wharf , giving officials an opportunity to meet with members and discuss the recently endorsed (and subsequently registered) EBA. This EBA is the first registered Agreement for the FOTB facility in its long history.
  • Qube Whyalla: Originally the visit was to align with a Qube Part B meeting , however shipping and labour availability spoiled that party. Officials did have an opportunity to meet with several members including some from the committee to discuss matters of interest and concern regarding the upcoming Part B bargaining.
  • Svitzer Tugs: Officials visited the Tug base and took the opportunity to have a brief meeting with all hands including AMOU and AIMPE members to discuss a number of issues. Notably the MUA forthcoming Protected Action Ballot , the reasons why and the purpose. Other matters discussed included a dispute regarding Svitzers COVID 19 plan, the MUA’s organising and intervention of Safework SA inspectors. Finally MUA members expressed support for AMOU members refusal to train Westug/Engage marine opposition towage operator in berthing and manoeuvring barges given this would ultimately train their jobs to a competitor.
  • FSGMS: Flinders Spencer Gulf Maritime Services: This Flinders Ports subsidiary is responsible for the iron ore loading of barges, security functions for the FOTB when alongside wharf and mooring operations at Port Bonython. Our Union membership in this site hasn’t been great however we managed to speak with a couple employees about the value of the union and how the union can help members build power on the job to exercise influence and gain better conditions. We hope to have further discussions and ultimately develop an EBA for this site with improved terms and conditions.
  • Port Augusta Umeweera Radio Station: State Secretary, Jamie, and State Organiser, Campbell, visited Port Augusta radio station Umeewarra and met up with Lavene Ngatokorua who features in Thomas Mayor’s book "Finding the Heart of the Nation: The Journey of the Uluru Statement towards Voice, Treaty and Truth". They discussed how we can leverage community support against the proposed legislation for a National Radioactive Waste Facility in Kimba. The MUA are opposed to the waste facility and have strong concerns regarding safety in the supply chain including ports and townships, and ignoring the wishes of traditional owners.

    Click the following link to read the transcript of Jamie Newlyn’s witness statement and questions to the Senate Estimates Committee speaking against the legislation and National Radioactive Waste Facility:

  • Port Pirie: A call into Port Pirie provided an opportunity to meet with Svitzer Tug Crew, a few Flinders Ports members and the delegate of Flinders Logistics and members training on the new 100 tonne Harbour Crane


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney