National Study on Parents’ Work Conditions: Pregnancy, Leave and Return to Work

Published: 15 May 2023


MUA National Women's Officer Mich-Elle Myers has received a request to share a survey into Pregnancy, Leave and Return to Work. All genders are being asked to complete the survey. 

  A previous Australian national review showed that almost half (49%) of mothers, and over a quarter (27%) of fathers, have experienced discrimination regarding their pregnancy, parental leave or return to work experience (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2014) since the birth or adoption of a child. There is a steadily increasing number of working parents in Australia, but since 2014 there has been no follow-up nationally-focused investigation of the prevalence, nature, and consequences of workplace discrimination or general work conditions for parents.

About the project

Dr Rachael Potter and colleagues are undertaking a national survey to better understand the work conditions of pregnant persons, parents on leave, and those who have returned to paid work since the birth or adoption of a child. The survey has a strong focus on aspects of discrimination in the workplace. The goal is to understand the current state of work conditions and what aspects can be improved to better support parents’ psychological health at work.

MUA Members are encouraged to complete the survey here:


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney