MUA Tasmania Full Steam Ahead!

Published: 18 May 2016

Have we been busy or what!

MUA Tas branch has so much on , come along and join us!

All members welcomed to get involved, we will be all over Tasmania over the next eight weeks , there is something for everyone to do.

Please contact the branch to become involved!

MUA members have been very busy here in the branch and across the country calling other Union members to talk about the upcoming election along with talking to football goers on the weekend about protecting Aussie Jobs!

It's full steam ahead comrades.


Phil, Simon and Dale doing their bit!


Hard working MUA member calling other Union Members about putting the liberals last this election! The combined Tasmanian Campaign Committees achieved a record of coming third in the National Wide telethon.




Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney