Save Freo Port

We are working to reach the thousands of people who support keeping Fremantle a Working Port. The Port is the Heart of Fremantle! It is under serious threat from the McGowan Government who are planning to close Fremantle Port and build a new automated outer harbour in Kwinana which will cause irreparable damage to Cockburn Sound.

Numerous studies from economists and industry bodies have concluded that Fremantle Port has capacity for at least another 40-50 more years and with it, the retention of at least 2,000 direct jobs. There is a lot of life left in Fremantle Port and the Government should not prematurely build a new outer harbour costing Western Australians $4.7 Billion when #ItsNotNeeded!

The loss of thousands of jobs by spending billions of dollars on an automated container port, along with the irreparable damage to Cockburn Sound must be opposed by the whole Western Australian Community.

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Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney