The events below highlight key points in maritime union history during the period 1993-present. To learn about each event in more detail, follow the "read more here" link:

The MUA Is Born. The SUA and WWF Amalgamate: In April 1993, waterfront workers and seamen voted overwhelmingly--95 percent of those voting (70 percent of the 10,238 eligible members)--in favour of amalgamation. The vote was preceded by many years of discussion, inside maritime workers' unions and in the broader labour union movement...(read more here)

The Struggle Against Patrick Stevedores: In the recent history of the MUA, no struggle was more epic, crucial, tough and, ultimately, victorious than the 1998 fight against Patrick Stevedores. It was a fight that spread beyond maritime workers to include the entire labour movement, civil society and many other allies....(read more here)

Shipping Reform Passes (2012): A key effort for the MUA for a decade, and a high priority for National Secretary Paddy Crumlin, was reforming shipping laws. In May 2102, the victory was complete...(read more here)

Automation in the 21st Century: Maritime workers have always had to confront automation. Automation is a fact of life on the docks, and unions are willing to negotiate the terms of introduction of technology but the global maritime labour movement will confront automation imposed, as National Secretary Paddy Crumlin observed in 2013, via Patrick-like "corporate shadiness"...(read more here)