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MUA Tasmania Branch

The Tasmanian Branch of The Maritime Union of Australia centres on the key transport providers linking the island with the mainland. These are the Spirit of Tasmania ferry service, Searoad and Toll Shipping.

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Published: 23 Mar 2020

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During this current COVID-19 health crisis we have brought together the following information for members.
What is Coronavirus
Workplace Health and Safety Obligations
The Maritime Union of Australia has made the following demands on governments and employers during this global health crisis.

Published: 15 Sep 2022

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Paddy Crumlin
National Secretary
Maritime Union of Australia
Statement on maritime employers' comments about Australian port productivity
15 September 2022

Published: 9 Sep 2022

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Paddy Crumlin
National Secretary
Maritime Union of Australia
Statement in Response to Productivity Commission’s Draft Report into Maritime Logistics
9 September 2022

Published: 4 Aug 2022

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The MUA has always worked on the basis that Peace is Union Business. Hiroshima Day is one of those major national peace action days.


Here are the locations and details for the peace rally near you. 


Commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki - National Peace Rallies 5 – 6 August


Adelaide - South Australia

Friday 5 August

12.30 pm

Beehive Cnr (Rundle Mall & King Williams st)

Published: 21 Jul 2022

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Resolution: Svitzer Towage



Various militant employers are seeking s225 terminations of their Enterprise Agreements as either a bargaining tool or because bargaining has failed to deliver their desired outcomes. This includes transport companies such as Qantas, manufacturers such as Tuftmaster and logistics companies such as Patrick Terminals.


Published: 12 May 2022

1946 - 2022

Published: 28 Apr 2022


Published: 21 Mar 2022

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M.U.A.  National President’s Report                                                        February 2022

Comrades and friends,

This report is an appeal to all MUA. members, retired members, families, and friends.

In the political arena at this time in history we are facing so many unfriendly fronts from a government that has done nothing but attack the people they are supposed to represent.

Published: 14 Mar 2022

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The ACTU has released “Morrison Missing – A Record of his Failure for Working Women” – a major report outlining how the Morrison Government has failed to support working women.

The report shows that under the Morrison Government, women in the workplace: 

  • Earn on average $483.30 less per week than a man and retire with about half the amount of super as a man. 

Published: 17 Feb 2022

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Position Vacant: Policy Analyst (project) - Oil & Gas

Position Overview

This is a 12-month grant funded project position, working under the guidance and direction of the National Research Officer, overseen by the Assistant National Secretary with responsibility for the unions coverage of the oil and gas industry.  From time to time, there will be a requirement to coordinate with branch officials, organisers, and members involved with this area of work, along with other key stakeholders. 

Project Purpose 


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney