Stevedoring workers, dock workers, known best in Australia as WHARFIES, make up the majority of MUA members.


Published: 31 Jan 2020

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Wharfies are outraged after the Federal Court issued an interim injunction banning them from undertaking legally protected industrial action as part of their fight for a new workplace agreement, describing it as an attack on the fundamental democratic rights of all Australian workers.

The court order prevents more than 1800 workers employed at DP World Australia container terminals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle from taking any form of legally protected industrial action until 13 March 2020.

Published: 28 Jan 2020

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The maritime union is warning that a gaping hole has been left in Australia’s biosecurity net due to the failure to implement adequate checks for coronavirus infections on vessels arriving at Australian ports.

The warning follows the release by the Federal Government of advice relating to the spread of the deadly coronavirus to key industries, including airline, border, and cruise workers.

Maritime Union of Australia National Secretary Paddy Crumlin said: “Australia’s ports are accessed every day by foreign ships, carrying international cargo using international crews.

Published: 30 Sep 2019

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A 4-hour stop work meeting of wharfies from across the three Newcastle stevedoring companies has unanimously resolved to campaign to protect their jobs and right to work in the Port of Newcastle.

The mass meeting of Newcastle wharfies today resolved:

Published: 29 Sep 2019

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Wharfies will stop work across the Port of Newcastle today, incensed by a move by management to stop wharfies from driving a new bulk unloading crane, threatening the job security of local workers.

Maritime Union of Australia Newcastle Branch Secretary Glen Williams said workers would be meeting to discuss further responses to the Port of Newcastle’s attack on wharfies’ jobs, including industrial action.

“We will stop at nothing to protect wharfies’ jobs from coming under attack from the privatised port authority,” Mr Williams said.

Published: 25 Jul 2019

Global dock workers unions are sending solidarity messages and letters to DP World in support of Australian Wharfies

ITF Affiliates around the world are sending letters to DP World management. As they come in they will be posted here


Published: 24 Jul 2019

Outsourced maintenance work has been blamed after wire ropes on a crane used to load and unload shipping containers at DP World’s Port Botany terminal catastrophically slipped, with the maritime union saying is was lucky no one was injured in the major safety incident.

Published: 19 Jul 2019

Dubai-owned DP World Australia has today announced plans to slash more than 10 per cent of its workforce, with 100 more jobs scheduled to be axed at both Melbourne and Sydney container terminals.

The cuts — announced to the media before affected workers or their union had been notified — come in addition to another 47 wharfies due to finish up this week in Melbourne.

Published: 11 Jul 2019

Trade unionists and community activists will converge on Swanson Dock tomorrow to throw their support behind striking wharfies who are battling to protect jobs and conditions at Australia’s largest stevedore. More than 600 wharfies are currently taking part in a four-day strike at the DP World container terminal, along with more than a thousand colleagues taking industrial action at ports in Sydney, Brisbane and Fremantle.

Published: 9 Jul 2019

Wharfies are striking for 48 hours at DP World’s Brisbane, Sydney and Fremantle container terminals, and for 96 hours in Melbourne, to fight against automation, outsourcing, cuts to income protection insurance, and dishonest bargaining by the company which is trying to use change provisions in existing agreements to secure outcomes it cannot bargain into new agreements.

Published: 5 Apr 2019

Wharfies in Sydney and Brisbane will walk off the job for 24 hours today (Friday) to protest Hutchison Ports ongoing refusal to move away from outsourcing of jobs and overseas remote controlling of already semi-automated equipment.

“Outsourcing our jobs for greater profit and remote controlling to workers that may be paid $2 per hour will continue to be challenged by the workforce and their union,” Maritime Union of Australia Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith said.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney