Welcome to the MUA Safety Page. In this section of the website you will find news, updates, safety alerts, tools, and materials to campaign for better safety on the job.

The maritime industry is a hazardous industry. The MUA is known for our militant and uncompromising commitment to safety. No workplace issue is more important than our safety on the job. 

Whether you work on our nation's ports and wharves, offshore in the mighty oil and gas industry, diving deep in the ocean, on ferries and tugs, or at sea on vessels of every kind, safety is paramount.

It is a fundamental human right for every worker to come home safe and sound to our families - at the end of the day they are the real reason we go to work every day.

Published: 23 Mar 2020

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During this current COVID-19 health crisis we have brought together the following information for members.
What is Coronavirus
Workplace Health and Safety Obligations
The Maritime Union of Australia has made the following demands on governments and employers during this global health crisis.

Published: 8 Apr 2020

A new Code of Practice for Health and Safety in Shipboard Work, including Offshore Support Vessels was brought out in January 2019. The MUA was substantially involved in updating the previous Codes to make this new document.

Published: 27 Mar 2020

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The Maritime Union of Australia has written to major businesses in Australia’s maritime supply chain seeking the urgent implementation of a consistent, industry-wide framework aimed at preventing viral transmission on worksites.

Published: 25 Mar 2020

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Two of the nation’s biggest ferry operators have used the COVID-19 pandemic to justify the mass sacking of workers without any notice period or option to take special leave, according to the Maritime Union of Australia.
SeaLink Travel Group, which operates 13 vessels on Sydney harbour under the Captain Cook Cruises brand, has terminated approximately 130 staff, while the NRMA, which operates Manly Fast Ferry and Fantasea Cruising, last night axed approximately 50 workers.

Published: 17 Mar 2020

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We are demanding that the Morrison Government guarantee two weeks paid special leave for all workers.
Working people need to know they don’t have to make the decision between going to work sick, or self-isolating and not being able to pay their bills.
Stopping the spread of coronavirus is vital, but Scott Morrison’s response so far has been dangerously inadequate.
The government must ensure that all workers have paid special leave - if you’re sick and don’t have sick leave entitlements or if you’re forced to self-quarantine.

Why is this important?

Published: 28 Jan 2020

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The maritime union is warning that a gaping hole has been left in Australia’s biosecurity net due to the failure to implement adequate checks for coronavirus infections on vessels arriving at Australian ports.

The warning follows the release by the Federal Government of advice relating to the spread of the deadly coronavirus to key industries, including airline, border, and cruise workers.

Maritime Union of Australia National Secretary Paddy Crumlin said: “Australia’s ports are accessed every day by foreign ships, carrying international cargo using international crews.

Published: 24 Jul 2019

Outsourced maintenance work has been blamed after wire ropes on a crane used to load and unload shipping containers at DP World’s Port Botany terminal catastrophically slipped, with the maritime union saying is was lucky no one was injured in the major safety incident.

Published: 21 Mar 2019

The maritime workers journal is the publication of the Maritime Union of Australia a division of the Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy Union.

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Published: 20 Nov 2018

To inform all shipowners, operators, masters and crew of the hazards when working with high-pressure fire-fighting systems and the safeguards that may be implemented to prevent injury.

Serious Incident

A seafarer suffered serious injury while conducting routine maintenance work on part of a 13 bar high-pressure fire-fighting system on a fire-fighting tug. 

Published: 3 Oct 2018

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