First Nations

The MUA has a long history of strong activism in support of the rights of First Nations peoples. 


To contact the Committee:

Thomas Mayor

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Coordinator

0437 650 221

Published: 23 Mar 2020

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During this current COVID-19 health crisis we have brought together the following information for members.
What is Coronavirus
Workplace Health and Safety Obligations
The Maritime Union of Australia has made the following demands on governments and employers during this global health crisis.

Published: 15 Jan 2021

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The Women, First Nations and Youth leadership of the MUA are continuing the online monthly meetings. Tuesday 19th January, 2021 the First Nations Committee is the host with special guest traditional land management expert, Victor Steffensen. Victor leads the Firesticks Alliance, working to care for country and revitalise the understanding and practice of traditional burning. He is also an author of a bestselling book on the subject: ‘Fire Country’, published by Hardie Grant Books. 

Published: 1 Nov 2020

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The MUA Women, First Nations and Youth Committees are hosting online events on the second Tuesday of every month. 

The first on October 13 Hosted by MUA First Nations committee with special guest Aunty Pat Anderson

Aunty Pat is an Alywarre woman,She is the Chairperson of the Lowitja Institute

She was the Co-Chair of the Referendum Council, that ran the process that led to the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Aunty Pat was a Union organiser for the Teachers Federation in the late 80's

Published: 28 Oct 2020

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MUA National Indigenous Officer Thomas Mayor has had an incredible essay published by the Griffith Review


Read it here:

Published: 31 Aug 2020

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Branch members may be aware that Thomas Mayor - NT Branch MUA Deputy Secretary and the CFMMEU National Indigenous Officer - has played a significant role in helping establish the Uluru Statement from the Heart in 2017. The Uluru Statement was the result of a major process involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait representatives from all around Australia.  

Published: 27 Aug 2020

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South Australia Branch Secretary Jamie Newlyn was a witness to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee inquiry into National Radioactive Waste Management Amendments (Site Specification, Community Fund and Other Measures) Bill 2020. 

The SA Branch made a submission in March 2020 in opposition to the Federal Government declaring Kimba in South Australia as the site selection area for Radioactive waste. Consequently, Comrade Newlyn informed the Senate Committee into the reasons for the MUA opposition to the proposed legislation, including: 

Published: 26 Aug 2020

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Between the 11 and 14 August Branch Secretary Jamie Newlyn and Branch Organiser Campbell Duignan took the opportunity to travel to Whyalla, with stop overs on the return leg via Port Augusta and Port Pirie.

Published: 28 Jul 2020

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MUA members are invited to register your interest in this online course 
Please register your interest in this course by clicking here:

Published: 23 Jul 2020

MUA National Indigenous Officer Thomas Mayor speaks from the heart about the Black Lives Matter movement and why its important to us. 

Published: 21 Jul 2020

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