Youth Conference Builds Union Power For Future

Published: 20 Sep 2012

One hundred and twenty youth activists from 54 unions in 28 countries are attending the three day conference in order to explore ways of building internationalism and mobilising international solidarity. The conference was opened and attended by ITF general secretary, David Cockroft.

Speaking from the conference, ITF youth officer Ingo Marowsky commented: “These young people are exploring strategies for tackling issues that will have a particular impact on them: the economic crisis, the lack of decent jobs, global warming. These are global challenges and require global solutions.” 

He continued: “Among the learning and sharing of ideas there are pledges of action too. For example, of continuing support for workers at DHL in Turkey who are suffering the consequences of precarious work, with 20 of them sacked, including workers employed by a subcontractor, apparently for wanting to join a union.” (See for details).


He concluded: “This conference and its participants have used new social media more than ever before among the ITF, and we know we will be able to draw upon the participants’ skills in this area for future actions and solidarity building.”


Find out more about the conference at and on Twitter using the hashtag #itfyouth


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney