Would private ferries reject EBAs?

Published: 9 Jun 2009

In an extraordinary threat of industrial tyranny Tourism and Transport Managing Director, Chris Brown, today described the negotiated settlement with Sydney Ferries as "a token" and that "if Sydney Ferries' management were serious, they would have imposed these industrial reforms long ago."

"In view of  his  rejection of this negotiated settlement, the Maritime Union of Australia  asks Mr Brown  what  working arrangements he believes would be appropriate for a privatised Sydney Ferries?", MUA Sydney Branch Secretary Warren Smith said. 

"The MUA challenges the TTF to publicly indicate what are they advocating as an appropriate industrial package for Sydney Ferry services? Is the answer pay conditions and standards below those negotiated in the current Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA)?

"If this is so you have to wonder whether this is the real privatisation agenda and whether this is what any potential contractors  are really seeking and advocating to Government?", Mr Smith said.

"The new EBA delivers major reform in line with the recommendations of the Walker Inquiry and provides major cost savings for Sydney Ferries.

"Maritime workers delivered the agreement in good faith with no industrial action. These changes have been negotiated in difficult economic times and usher in an era of best practice labour relations that provide a solid foundation for the revitalization of public ferry services on Sydney Harbour", Mr Smith said.

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Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney