Women in Male Dominated Occupations and Industries converge in Cairns for biennial conference

Published: 5 May 2024






6 MAY 2024


Women in Male Dominated Occupations and Industries converge in Cairns for biennial conference


Two hundred and fifty union women employed in male dominated industries and occupation will converge in Cairns this week to come together and share in their experiences of working as women in workplaces where they are a minority.


The conference will be held in Cairns between 6 – 9 May and is an opportunity and a forum for working class women to come together to help one another break down barriers and provide support to women working in male dominated industries to thrive and build their careers.


Two hundred and fifty women representing nearly 30 unions from all around Australia and New Zealand will be attending.


In celebration of the contribution women workers make throughout society, to coincide with the conference, WIMDOI delegates will lead the Cairns May Day march on Monday 6 May.


In many traditionally male dominated industries and workplaces, women are likely the only woman in their workplace and/or experience work where decisions are made by men with little regard for issues that affect women at work.


Women employed in industries as diverse as transport, stevedoring, aviation, electrical and construction trades, and emergency services will be in attendance at the Cairns conference. For over 20 years, this group has helped inspire hundreds of women and given them tools to last through their working careers.


The committee welcomes all the women participants to WIMDOI 2024 and prides itself in creating a safe environment where women can come together, network and share in what sometimes are horrific personal stories about their experiences in workplaces.


The key themes and objectives of this year’s WIMDOI conference are new jobs in renewable energy, vocational and technical training opportunities, breaking down barriers to women’s participation at work, and campaigns to help women’s pursue sustainable, rewarding and long-term careers with paid Domestic Violence leave and the elimination of the gender pay gap.


The conference will also hear from women workers from overseas, including contributions from women workers from Canada, Myanmar, and Palestine.



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Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney