Tasmania's Seafarers' Memorial Day 2019

Published: 24 Sep 2019

The Tasmanian Seafarers' Memorial at Triabunna, Tasmania is unique in that it is a memorial to all Tasmanian seafarers who lost their lives at sea including Tasmanian members of the armed services, and those seafarers who, regardless of occupation or nationality, lost their lives in Tasmanian waters.

It also enables the commemoration of the lives of Tasmanian Naval personnel lost during peace time service as well as during times of conflict.

Tasmania's maritime history has been an eventful one which has tragically left many families touched in some by the relentless power of the sea.

The unpredictable seas around Tasmania's coastlines have claimed vessels from the days of sail to modern craft of today; they have claimed the lives of whalers and sealers, convicts and free settlers, traders and fishermen, sailors, seaman and yachtsmen of all ages and nations.

Invitation to attend the Memorial Service

The next Service will be on Sunday, 21st October 2018 at 10.45 am for an 11.00 am start. Morning tea is available beforehand from 10.00 am for a modest donation. Memorial Park 36 Vicary St Triabunna TAS 7190



Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney