Tasmanian Women Organise!

Published: 28 Jun 2013

MUA Women members met this week to plan for the future.

Next meeting: July 2013

On Tuesday 25 June 2013 the Tasmanian Branch held a women's meeting with the view to setting up a branch committee.


Branch Secretary Jason Campbell called the meeting as part of the branch conference resolutions to establish committees of Women, Youth, ATSI and Veteran members.


It was a great first meeting with 8 women members in attendance who were all keen to become more active in the branch work. 


Jason said "This is a great turnout and we are looking forward to progressing this into a real committee that achieves real results for the Women members of the Branch"


The women discussed the issues that affect them and how to move forward with building a structure that will be an active part of the branch structure. 


The federal election was also high on the agenda with the attendee's committing to campaigning against a conservative Liberal government by way of particpating in events in the community and the branch.

Image - IMG_5491.JPG

It was decided that there will be another meeting for women members in July which will be an informal get together over some food and drinks.


The MUA's first female organiser Alisha Bull was very happy with the turnout and said " We are looking forward to working together with the committee in developing and rolling out initiatives to strengthen our sisterhood and highlight our achievements"


National Women's Liaison Officer Mich-Elle Myers reports that all branches will be having meetings for women members over the next couple of months. All female members are invited to attend.





Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney