Tas Bull International Aid

Published: 26 Dec 2011

The Journey Continues - "The Tas Bull International Aid Project reflects the tremendous spirit and commitment to internationalism by Tas Bull himself. "The Project is a great celebration of working class solidarity and union culture. Through this, the spirit of Tas Bull lives on." Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary Maritime Union of Australia

The TBIA project was initiated by the MUA who have been part of international aid causes over many years, it was established in 2006 in cooperation with APHEDA in memory of the former Union Rank and File Seafarer & Wharfie, JDA representative, General Secretary, Vice President ACTU, President of APHEDA, ITF Vice President and a great internationalist who dedicated his life to National and International causes. The project has been very successful and has achieved great results. Examples of some of these have been: Ons Plek Project South, Africa, The William Soler Hospital in Cuba and Christian David Morarian School South Africa

There have also been a number of other projects in PNG, East Timor Zimbabwe, Samoa, Cambodia and Vietnam.

These have only been achieved through the generosity of our patrons in particular MUA branches and Rank & File members, other unions, individuals and employers and the hard work from lots of people involved.

You can get involved by joining our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tas-Bull-International-Aid/155506211219321

You can CLICK HERE to support WA comrade Chris Reeve who is undertaking a charity swim in support of the Tas Bull Foundation.

The project is up and running again including the Silent Auction. please read the latest newsletter here.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney