T Ports - MV Lucky Eyre - Lucky Bay

Published: 27 Feb 2020

This grain receiver and exporter between Whyalla and Port Lincoln (Cowell) have ramped up production to export grain as early as March 4. The loading will be via a transhipment operation on a self-propelled 3250 tonne self-discharger called the MV Lucky Eyre. The MUA has made numerous attempts to meet with T-Ports which have been denied even after visiting the site on two occasions. The MUA have serious concerns about the operation, notably the stevedoring of the Lucky Eyre and the transhipment to ocean going vessels. The MUA is also concerned about grain-loading in-line with the Grain Code given grain has specific stability requirements and the loading will occur at anchorage in Spencer Gulf known for heavy swells and poor weather through out the year.
There are further concerns regarding the crewing and qualifications of the Lucky Eyre vessel and whether it will continue as a Regulated Australian Vessel or operate as a Domestic Commercial Vessel which limits obligations for manning and qualifications. National Research Officer Fiona Lloyd, who formerly worked at AMSA, is providing a brief on the concerns and the Branch Secretary is making contact with AMSA Southern Area Manager Wayne Cooper. Members with any information or intelligence on the project are encouraged to contact the branch.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney