Sydney MUA announces four fare free ferry evenings

Published: 3 Jun 2014

MUA announces four fare free ferry evenings to allow the public to enjoy Vivid

Minister must invest in fleet and workforce - end the cut backs and pay cuts

The travelling public will enjoy four fare free evenings from Friday through to Monday, allowing them to take full advantage of the Vivid Festival as the Maritime Union of Australia intensifies its campaign for an expansion of the harbour ferry fleet and a reasonable wage deal for members.

The Union is also advising the public that it will hold a mass meeting of members between10am and 2pm on Friday. Commuters should factor the stoppage into their plans.

MUA Sydney Branch Assistant Secretary, Paul Garrett, said the Union's campaign was designed to make a point to the Government, while also encouraging commuters to make the most of Sydney's sparkling harbour.

"We are actively inviting the travelling public to enjoy Sydney Ferries for free for four consecutive nights to highlight two main points - the workforce is committed to what they do, but we need more ferries on the water.

"Our beef is with a Government that refuses to properly invest in its ferry fleet and a company not prepared to give ferry workers a fair go, not with the travelling public. 

"We have come up with millions of dollars worth of savings for Harbour City Ferries and the State Government and yet they still won't pay ferry staff what they are worth or invest in enough new ferries.

"Sydney has the most stunning harbour in the world and we are proud to serve the travelling public. But we need a proper fleet expansion and a reasonable wage deal."

Further comment: Paul Garrett 0418 422 589


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney