SYDNEY FERRIES - Asbestos Found on New Vessels

Published: 21 Aug 2020

A letter from MUA Sydney Assistant Branch Secretary to MUA Members on Sydney Ferries


The Maritime Union of Australia advises that an urgent meeting was called (with fifteen minutes notice given) for 1pm today with Transdev Sydney Ferries.
In the meeting, management gave an update on the asbestos report for the new 24m River Vessels which was previously demanded by the Union. Steve Staines, Paul Garrett and Nathan Donato attended on behalf of the MUA.


Asbestos Containing Materials has been found on the four new 24m River Vessels.
It appears Transdev Sydney Ferries knew about this on Tuesday and have hid this knowledge until today, after alleged remedial works had commenced.
The MUA has called for the asbestos reports to be immediately produced. The MUA will further call for a full independent inspection of all vessels.


The four new 24m River vessels are not to be boarded, inspected or worked by MUA members until further advised from the Maritime Union of Australia.
For some 18 months now, the MUA has warned both the NSW Government and Transdev Sydney Ferries about our concerns that asbestos containing material was going to be used in these vessels. However, Transdev Sydney Ferries has allowed a process that has seen the new vessels built with taxpayer money using asbestos containing materials.
Those responsible at Transdev Sydney Ferries for the build of these vessels overseas using asbestos containing materials (when they could have been built to Australia Standards, in New South Wales, by NSW workers) should own up, take responsibility and resign today.
On behalf of the MUA Sydney Branch Executive. Yours Sincerely,

Paul Garrett Assistant Secretary


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney