Support for Irish Dockers Dispute

Published: 25 Aug 2009

The Maritime Union of Australia has thrown its support behind Irish dockworkers who currently face a union busting campaign similar to the Patrick's waterfront dispute, which resulted in a significant victory for the union movement in Australia over a decade ago.

The union has been monitoring the escalation of the Docker’s industrial dispute in the Irish port of Dublin since early last month.

The ITF affiliate, Service Industrial Professional & Technical Union (SIPTU) which represents the Irish Dockers, has been targeted in this union busting campaign.  

It is clear that the company at the centre of the dispute “Peel Ports Maritime Terminals” are committed to a manufactured anti-union campaign designed to attack trade union rights and illegally sack SIPTU members under forced redundancies.

This blatant assault on Irish working men and women is reminiscent of the Australian Patrick’s Dispute of more than 10 years ago when our own government and industry colluded against unionised Dockers at their own peril. 

The MUA held its National Council meeting on Friday the 21st August where it heard a full report of the ongoing struggle. A motion of support to the striking SIPTU workers was passed unanimously by all councillors.

International solidarity coupled with the principled stance of the Irish trade unions will win this dispute and send a clear message to those opposed to organised labour that the movement is strong and organised.

The MUA National Council moved:

“The Maritime Union of Australia’s National Council has received a full report of the SIPTU Docker’s strike which is now into its seventh week.

Councillors understand that this is a carefully orchestrated and deliberate attack on organised Dock Workers and their national union SIPTU.

The MUA stands committed to International Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in dispute on the Irish Docks. We join the national and international chorus of condemnation of the outdated industrial tactics of “Peel Ports”. Further, we demand that this confrontational and aggressive employer use the established legal disputes resolution framework rather than forcing job cuts and driving down wages.”


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney