Security leaks in Office of Transport Security

Published: 30 Jul 2009

MUA calls for investigation

The MUA today slammed the operation and management of the Office of Transport Security (OTS) after the leaking of recommendations of a confidential report into the maritime security scheme, calling for an investigation into how such high level information found its way into the media.

Australian transport unions have embraced maritime security because it is transport workers who are killed and injured in all terrorist attacks and they stand with governments to fight terrorism in any form.

"The MUA continues to play an integral role in the Government's inquiry into the maritime security regime and the maritime security identity card review. We are working with Industry and government but we need all of the information to get an honest assessment not drip fed snippets deemed suitable by the department", MUA official Dean Summers said.

"The office of transport security will not release the report even to the select industry working group but somehow this sensitive classified report finds its way onto the pages of the Age and SMH", said Mr Summers.

"If we can't secure the "Office of Transport Security" what hope do we have of securing airports and ports?

"Any changes to the makeup of the transport security regime will have a direct impact on more than 130,000 Australian working families and should not be debated in the popular press."

The MUA have committed to the review but says it should be suspended until a full investigation into these damaging leaks has been conducted.

"The union responsible for all seafarers and waterfront workers believes that Australian people need to be able to first trust in the processes of national security before we can agree to the outcomes", Mr Summers said.

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Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney