SA Branch News 4/2017

Published: 28 Mar 2017

SA Branch News Issue 4/2017

28th March 2017 

FACT Bargaining:  Container Terminal Bargaining Continues with Job Security a major issue. The parties are still a mile apart.

FACT's management team are using individual employees against the committee, FACT claims that certain people have been plotting side deals and going over and above the committee.  I can't stress the importance of solidarity enough comrades, the company will hang you out to dry as soon as they see fit.

There have already been sackings of late, and more in the firing line, including people on Work Cover.  Imagine that, injured on the job, then tossed out of the gate, unless we stick together, who knows what will happen if we let fractures deepen.

The icing on the cake for this past weekend's celebration of the Terminals 40th anniversary, the company locked out the Union, the Credit Union and Maritime Super from having any involvement on the day, these organizations have been with you every step of the way, but the company showed their callous side with very little respect.

Remember, the ERC is YOUR committee, elected by you, for you.  I urge you to show full support to the committee in these challenging times, if we don't stick together now, then they've already won.

The next ERC meetings are scheduled for 30th and 31st March

When workers rights are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, Fight Back!!

Flinders Ports Workers Comp & Income Protection Issues:  Flinders Holdings comprising, Flinders Ports, FACT& Flinders Logistics around the state make up approximately 42% of the SA Branch membership. Recently Flinders Holdings have taken a more hostile approach to injured workers whether on Workers Compensation or Income Protection.

ALP Caucus Briefing re Chevron:  The branch is trying to arrange a parliamentary caucus briefing regarding Chevron’s corporate behaviour and their impending drilling in the Great Australian Bite. The ITF through Shannon O’Keeffe and her team in Sydney have researched and investigated Chevron’s operations in numerous areas including WA and in fact supported the Tax Justice Network in their findings of Chevron’s tax avoidance scheme. The purpose of the briefing is so that the SA government can avoid mistakes that will prevent the state maximizing its reward for Australia’s natural resources. EBA: The long running Qube EBA was due to be voted on Monday 20 March however at the last minute it was discovered that the wrong document was sent to members by Qube. An incomplete copy of an earlier version was sent to members which breached the notice rules of FWC. Delegates at Qube also discovered a number of errors that have since been fixed. We are waiting for the document to be redistributed and determine a time for the EA vote. Following that Vote we will finalise the document for Qube Port Lincoln (SA Outports)

Murray Princess:  Branch Organiser Campbell Duignan continues to visit the Murray Princess and is working to organise this workplace with the EBA coming up for renegotiation this year.  The high rate of worker turnover has made this challenging but the workforce is beginning to understand the critical importance of being united.  Increasing numbers of workers are joining the union and we are now in a majority position.  And just as importantly some workers are stepping up to take responsibility as union leaders in their work arrears.

Victoria Square rally 9 March: CFMEU organized a rally coinciding with the Federal Government/FWC support of changes to penalty rates, the reintroduction of the ABCC, Wage Theft and Attacks on WHS: The rally was well attended by MUA members and coincided with Deputy National Secretary Will Tracey and WA Branch Secretary & National President Chris Cain in Adelaide, the latter spoke at the rally. Speeches were followed by a march to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices  that blocked traffic in busy king William St, including Trams and Buses. One thousand union members were involved and were left buoyed by the action, because What do we do When Workers Rights are under Attack: We Stand Up & Fight Back

Flinders Logistics Port Adelaide EA: This EA has been voted up and we are awaiting its registration on the Commission before the Company will pay increases and back pay.  The Branch will attend the site regularly to ensure a smooth implementation of the agreement.  The Branch wants to improve worker influence on this job and encourages members and work place leaders to put their hand up in a representative role.  The Branch will provide the relevant training.

Port Pirie Flinders Logistics EA: This EA has commenced and Flinders Logistics are looking for a quick finish, Flinders Logistics are the contracted Stevedore for Nyrstar in Port Pirie, which is the major contract in the Port. Nyrstar are completing a major refurbishment of the smelter which should increase output by 25% with a corresponding increase in shipping. Flinders Logistics have put an offer on the table after only 2 meeting which the branch and delegates involved think will be rejected by members, essentially trying to butter up with a few job upgrades, removing an employment category and offering zero pay increase for the first 2 years and CPI in the third. A meeting of members will be held subject to shipping requirements where a full report will be provided to members. Whyalla & Port Pirie Consultative Meeting:  With the impending end to the Svitzer Project Magnet in Whyalla discussion were held with the 3 Maritime Unions on Monday 20 March to discuss Redundancy, Deed of Agreement Arrangements and most importantly the process. Of significant concern was Svitzer’s refusal to resign the Deed of Agreement if the contract is extended pat June which locks in redundancy payments at the rate prior to the decrease in salaries that occurred in 2016 EBA:  Bargaining of this EBA has commenced with the Inco workplace seeking recognition of permanent employment.  This is in the face of policy decisions made by Adelaide Brighton Cement that are about completely casualising the workforce by using Inco as the provider of labour.  This fight for basic recognition will be vigorously supported by all levels of the Union.

Labour Left:  A new group of the SA Labor Party has been formed that espouse the ideal of the left that seeks to provide an opportunity for Labor Party members and activists to properly engage and develop policy and fight for equality and the things that really matter to the working class. Inaugural members are MUA, NUW, RTBU, Hsu & AMIEU, we will be reaching out to MUA members to join the ALP and ultimately Labour Left and extend our influence into ALP Sub Branches and encourage other unions to join Labour Left

Justice for Jorge rally 11April Parliament House 12pm:  Unions struggle every day for Safety on the Job and Governments and Safety Regulators attempt to stand in our way. Therefore, we have to Stand Up and Fight back! Construction Worker Jorge Riffa was killed on the Royal Adelaide Hospital Site, his Partner Pam Gurner Hall has been campaigning for Justice to no avail. Safework SA didn’t bring any evidence against the employer or contractor and no penalties were issued. When workers deaths are treated with such contempt laws MUST change!  Come and Rally in Support of Jorge and all other workers to demand a change to bad laws and allow Unions onsite to inspect safety breaches or at the request of delegate or HSR’s


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney