Remembering Anthony 'Hollywood' Attard

Published: 25 May 2015

Yesterday marked one year since Toll delegate Anthony Attard was killed on the wharf at Melbourne and to commemorate the occasion members held a ceremony at his workplace. 

Work was temporarily halted as members gathered at the plaque placed in the worksite’s garden and members made their way to the stern of the Victorian Reliance – the sister ship of the Tasmanian Achiever, on which Anthony died.

There, a wreath was laid in the water and a Chaplin addressed the crowd, speaking about safety and mateship. Victorian Branch Secretary Kevin Bracken followed the Chaplin in paying tribute to Anthony.

In attendance were Anthony’s best mates Steve Carruana and John Aquilla, as well as members from his family, including his father and life member Billy Attard and brother James.

Later in the day a gathering was held at The Club in Caroline Springs where a presentation was made to Billy. Victorian Assistant Branch Secretary Robert Patchett said it was a solemn and reflective occasion.

“It was a reminder that even though Anthony is no longer with us, we will not forget him and that awful day we had to face a year ago.” Patchett said.

“Anthony, like the many others that have given their lives at work, are a stark reminder that stevedoring remains one of the most dangerous industries in Australia,” Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith.

“The best way that we can resolve the crisis in stevedoring is through organising and being prepared to take our fight to the highest levels of government and being prepared to fight for workplace safety as an issue on the job and on the streets.

“Anthony was a delegate and workplace leader and we owe to him, his workmates and his family to continue our struggle for safety to ensure every waterside worker returns home safely.”


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney