Offshore Update 21/07/2020

Published: 22 Jul 2020

Government actions and decisions continue to impact our members in the Offshore Oil and Gas sector. Please feel free to share this report with other MUA Oil and Gas workers in your contact list.
NSW Joins Victoria in WA Lock Out – Whilst McGowan Pushes The Resource Sector To Pick Up Locally
Mining Giants and Oil &Gas majors have been lobbying the WA government to open up a FIFO bubble (or alike) to allow interstate workers access to WA mine sites and Oil and Gas fields. Meanwhile Mark McGowan and the WA Government have been calling on them, to either employ workers from WA, or have those workers from interstate move across permanently to WA. It’s an attack on East coast workers. Read the article below.
The WA Branch will continue to lobby the WA Government to show them that this is an issue where the Unions and the Employers have common interests. As a result of the branch's efforts thus far, the WA Police will now be re-establishing a task force this week to deal with our industry. What’s important here is that we have been included in this task force. The main focus for us will be crew changes and exemption policies. It's our position, that all Marine crew entering from all states should be made exempt and allowed access to their workplace.
Currently, the situation around workers from NSW and Victoria entering WA seems to be all over the shop. We have had some members enter into the state over the last few days and have been forced into government isolation, whilst other members have been denied access and turned back altogether. It seems that it depends on the officer of the day.
What is clear is that if you don’t have the “Good to Go” (G2G) passes sorted – you won’t be let into the state. Try to have this completed as early as possible before flying.  
Another AMMA Let Down
Last week, we contacted AMMA again with a view of trying to help one another through these testing times. The intention at our end was to try and come up with a plan that assisted our East coast members. The feedback was that they weren’t interested in working with us and believed that they had this in hand.
We are having to deal with affected individuals on a case by case basis along with each of the employers. Not ideal to say the least.
We have written to one employer with a large East Coast workforce asking them to consider picking up the tab for accommodation and meals should their permanents wish to temporarily relocate. We are waiting on hearing back from them and will put this agreed outcome on the table for all other employers to consider. Of course, this won't suit many but at least it's an option to consider if we can get this up.
Jobkeeper Extended
Jobkeeper will be extended but the level of income support paid out will be reduced. JobKeeper will be at a new rate of $1200 a fortnight (instead of $1500) for a further six months. Whilst not ideal for thousands of workers across the country, this may assist us in preventing redundancies from occurring across various Offshore operators.

You Could Be Owed Some Money And We Want To Get It For You!
In the past 6 years have you worked for either Swire or Go Offshore?
If so then you should fill out the attached document and return it to me before the next Offshore Commission meeting on Friday the 14th August. When you return this document please ensure that you also advise me roughly which dates you were working with these operators (this does not have to be accurate). If you worked for both of them, then fill it out twice – one for each employer.
We cant go into detail just yet but are confident that some of you are owed some dough.
Offshore Commission
The next Offshore EBA Commission takes place on Friday 14th August at 9am WST. Please confirm your attendance via email to Members at home and on leave are encouraged to get involved in their respective branches. If you are intending on going into your branch you should contact them first and let them know of your intention.  
Vessel delegates should also get in touch with Sandra and we can get the Zoom details out to those vessels as well.
In Unity
George Gakis 


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney