Now Hiring: Policy Analyst (Project) - Offshore Oil and Gas

Published: 16 Mar 2023

Now Hiring: Policy Analyst (Project) - Offshore Oil and Gas 


Project Purpose 

The MUA has identified a need for further policy and campaign resources to ensure that Australia’s disused offshore oil and gas infrastructure is properly decommissioned and removed, and that this work is carried out so as to provide good union jobs and excellent safety conditions, as part of a just energy transition.

Australia has over 1,000 offshore oil and gas wells, almost 60 platforms and thousands of kilometres of undersea pipelines and umbilicals, and hundreds of other undersea structures in its state and Commonwealth waters. Many offshore oil and gas structures are nearing the end of their life. Analysts estimate that in the next 30 years the industry must undertake over $50 billion in decommissioning work.

While Australian law requires full removal of all offshore structures (in accordance with the international conventions), the regulation of the decommissioning of oil and gas facilities and rehabilitation of the seafloor have been insufficient to ensure that companies properly maintain facilities and then undertake decommissioning and removal work. In addition, the corporate governance regime has been insufficient to ensure that oil and gas companies properly budgeted for this work. 


Position Overview

This is a 12-month contract position, working under the guidance and direction of the National Research Officer, overseen by the Assistant National Secretary with responsibility for the unions coverage of the oil and gas industry.  From time to time, there will be a requirement to coordinate with branch officials, organisers, and members involved with this area of work, along with other key stakeholders. 


Position Objective 

  • Improve decommissioning laws, regulations, and implementation to ensure proper and timely decommissioning of oil and gas infrastructure in Australia, and ensure that it supports good, safe jobs and environmental outcomes

  • Strengthen the independent voice of workers and unions on the importance of high standards of decommissioning, in workplaces and communities, with the regulator NOPSEMA, with government,  and with the general public.

  • Develop a network of Australian and international organisations working on decommissioning and sharing information, and develop their knowledge of the industry and support for policies that will ensure good outcomes for workers and the environment.

  • Develop policies that will ensure good union jobs and a just transition for oil and gas workers as emissions are reduced.


Key Responsibilities will include:

  1. Analysis of Environmental Plans submitted by oil and gas companies to NOPSEMA for decommissioning work 

  2. Analysis of NOPSEMA and government documents and policies on decommissioning

  3. Gathering relevant information on aging and disused oil and gas infrastructure from officials and members, including organising meetings.

  4. Writing plain language summaries of complex policy and technical issues for use in submissions, briefings, campaigns, and in workplaces.

  5. Working as part of a team to develop policy and campaign ideas, materials and social media content to address the problems identified with decommissioning policy, and ensure good work opportunities for oil and gas workers as facilities shut down and the economy decarbonises.

  6. Writing updates to members on campaign work.

  7. Identifying domestic and international allies and resources, and organising meetings and events with them.

  8. Other relevant duties as directed.


Essential Requirements 

  • A clear understanding and commitment to trade union principles.

  • Ability to manage conflicting demands in a dynamic and fast paced work environment. 

  • Ability to interpret complex policy and technical documents, and legislation

  • Demonstrated excellent ability to communicate in the written form, including formal letters, submissions, reports and email communications. Demonstrated competence using Office 365 programs. 

  • Ability to work as part of a national team with limited supervision. This will include a demonstrated ability to be self-motivated, prioritise complex tasks and effectively manage time and organisation.

  • Knowledge of the Australian offshore oil and gas industry would be a considerable advantage.


Key challenges 

  • Managing a complex workload and appropriately prioritising tasks

  • Managing competing requests for services and general time management constraints.

  • Numerous key stakeholder interactions

  • Analysis of large volumes of material for distillation into report summary for internal and external stakeholders.


NOTE: Applicants will be considered from any location in Australia. Applicants located in Sydney will have the best opportunity to work closely with the relevant MUA officials and this will be considered as part of the selection process.


How to apply for this job:

Applications including a cover letter and a resume in no more than 4 pages (excluding publications) by email to: The Recruitment Officer:, using the subject line: Policy Analyst – Oil and gas

For additional information, please contact Penny Howard, 0402 355 205

Applications close: Monday 10 April 2023


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney