National OHS Bulletin - Issue 4 2009

Published: 6 Jul 2009

The bulletin is available for download here in PDF format.


The latest National Office OHS Bulletin is now available it contains information on:

Part A: Progress in implementation of the Union’s National

Stevedoring Code of Practice Project

1. Revised Marine Orders Part 32

2. The nationalised Waterfront Guidance material

3. Settlement of jurisdictional issues in stevedoring safety

4. Roll out of union guidance material and training

Part B: Developments in offshore oil and gas industry safety

5. What is happening in NOPSA?

6. Progress with NOPSA Accommodation Standards Working Group

7. Progress with Department of Resources and Energy Crane

Competency Working Group

8. Helicopter crashes in the North Sea

9. 2009 HSR Forum

10. MUA representations on shift changes on oil rigs - fatigue issues

Part C: Developments in the Seacare scheme

11. Increase in death benefits and dependent children payments

under the Seafarers Act

12. The death of an Australian seafarer on a cruise ship

13. Review of the Comcare Permanent Impairment Guide

Part D: National OHS policy developments

14. Safe Work Australia established

15. Developments with harmonisation of OHS laws

16. The ACTU/State-NT Trades and Labour Council campaign on

harmonised laws








Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney