Nanjing 80th Anniversary Service

Published: 19 Dec 2018

The newly built Dalfram Monument in Port Kembla was the backdrop for the ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of one of the worst human atrocities of modern times, the massacre at Nanjing on the 13th December 1938.

Joining the Chinese Community to mark this anniversary were representatives from the MUA Southern NSW Branch including acting branch secretary Mick Cross, South Coast Labour Council, Lord Mayor & Councillors and NSW Ports. 



It was a small and sombre ceremony and the Dalfram Monument was the perfect setting, given the Nanjing massacre was the catalyst for the brave stand taken by Port Kembla WWF members who defied the government and refused to load scrap iron bound for imperialist Japan to be used to make weapons. 


Members of the Chinese community, both locally and from Sydney were extremely impressed with the monument and made it clear to the branch that the location will be used to mark the Nanjing Massacre Anniversary in years to come. This is wonderful recognition for those brave men who took a moral stand in the interest of peace over the atrocities or war and refused to load the MV Dalfram all those years ago. 






Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney