Muckaty Rally Outside Federal Court In Melbourne

Published: 26 Jun 2012

It had been hoped that The Federal Court has decided to adjourn the case against the site until the end of the year.


"If it starts leaking it¹s going to destroy all the water the animals, the environment we don't really want it there," said Penny Phillips, a traditional owner.


Members of the Warl-Manpa community have lived at Muckaty, near Tenant Creek for thousands of years.


When the area was selected five years ago as the site for Australia's first nuclear waste facility they began an epic David and Goliath battle to save their land.


In court, they had hoped to have the date set to begin the formal hearing to try to have the decision overturned, but that decision has now been adjourned until November.


At the heart of the case, the community says that the Northern Land Council spoke to only a few of the local traditional owners before deciding to support the plant five years ago.


Further delays in court proceedings could mean some people won't live long enough to formally voice their objection.


Australian Conservation Foundation's Dave Sweeny says Muckaty residents were targeted because of their isolation.


"No-one wants it in their backyard and the minister has looked for a backyard far enough away from most of the voters and most of the camera, and they've picked on Muckaty," he said. 


"But that's not good enough."


It is hoped that the case will finally be heard in March or April next year.


The rally was well attended and speakers included Victorian Branch Secretary Kevin Bracken.


Click here to watch a video taken from the rally. 





Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney