MUA statement re allegations against former branch union official

Published: 30 Jun 2009

"The Union said it would co-operate fully with any police investigation."

The following statement in full was issued to the Fairfax press in response to questions arising over a former Qld branch official.

"The MUA is vigilant about the conduct of its members but ultimately individuals are responsible for their own conduct. Any alleged misconduct by an individual should be answerable to the appropriate law.

To the best of our knowledge Mr Perry has never been charged or convicted of any criminal offence associated with the matters raised.

When earlier press coverage of these matters arose the Union said it would co-operate fully with any police investigation. Again, if there is any ongoing investigation, we will fully co-operate with the authorities.

Mr Perry did not stand for the union elections at the time and now has no official capacity with the Union.

The MSIC card is issued by Federal Government authorities to workers engaged in work on the waterfront. It is granted independently of any role as a Union member or official. The Union is not involved in any decisions about the issue of the card.

It would be inappropriate for the MUA to comment on speculative allegations about any individual. Again, the Union is more than happy to co-operate with any formal inquiry." - National Secretary Paddy Crumlin

The article raising the allegations was published in todays Age and SMH.



Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney