MUA Cuban May Day visit

Published: 20 Apr 2009

A delegation of 20 MUA members and officials leaves Australia this week for Cuba.

While in Havana the delegation will visit the Cuban maritime union, the Cuban trade union congress, workplaces women and youth groups in the labour movement. As well they will visit to the William Soler Children's Hospital the MUA has been raising money and equipment for through Apheda for several years.

The delegation will also join other union affiliates from the International Transport Workers' Federation, including the Maritime Union of New Zealand and RMT, UK for a special workshop in solidarity with the Cuban maritime union.

Delegation members are also joining the petition to have President Barack Obama lift the US embargo against Cuba.

Jamie McMechan, MUA film unit, will produce a short film on the visit which will be shown at stop work meetings and posted on YouTube on his return.

The delegation is made up of branch officials Mick Carr, Qld; Warren Smith, Paul McAleer, Sydney; Dave Schleibs, Victoria; Keith McCorriston, WA; Glen Williams, SNSW;Clem Clothier, SA;Peder Bull, Tasmania; Jim Boyle and Len Covell, SNSW and Mich-Elle Myers, national women's liaison officer. Rank and file members include Ian Hill, Sean Drury, Silas Newlyn, Michael Firmin, Shane Ralph, Stephen Richardson, Neil Swanson, Mark Johnston and MUA veteran John James.

Full report next MWJ.



Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney