Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2024

Published: 23 Dec 2023

Paddy Crumlin

National Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia

President, International Transport Workers Federation

23 December 2023



The MUA extends its best wishes to all members for the festive season on behalf of all officials, branches and the national office.
MUA members have ensured that supply chains have kept moving throughout 2023.
Essential goods and commodities, vital for social functioning, have been moved by maritime workers in ports and ships and have kept the Australian economy on the move.
2023 has been a landmark year with many struggles and campaigns and none more important than revitalising the Australian shipping industry through the Albanese Government's strategic fleet policy.
We have exposed international Flag of Convenience shipowners and their mouthpiece Shipping Australia’s determination to dominate Australia’s essential maritime supply chains while gouging enormous profits.
The Government remains committed to the strategic fleet with announcements that ships are intended to be introduced as early as next year. Training arrangements are being finalised to meet the expected uplift of jobs as a consequence.
We have acted in solidarity with and received assistance from our vast network of international maritime and fraternal unions in shipping and the stevedoring industry including against Qube and DP World.
We continue to fight for a world at peace and we are campaigning to support a total ceasefire in Palestine.
Our union stands with purpose and commitment to a nation and world where working people can live lives of dignity, with respect for the role they play in generating all social wealth and consistent with the highest values of human rights and social justice.
Next year, with our upcoming Quadrennial National Conference, that commitment to struggle continues where we will ensure that our lives are improved, and maritime workers and our families and communities are justly recognised and rewarded for our fundamental role in delivering economic prosperity, national security and advancing the industrial and democratic rights of all Australians.
Best wishes to all MUA members and our families for the festive season as we continue to get the job done for ourselves and each other in the same manner and purpose of the last 150 years of our union.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney