Maritime Union of Australia members always happy to help

Published: 9 May 2017

Each year wharfies from Toll Burnie, seafarers and maritime workers from across the state come together for an MUA Anzac Day Golf Tournament to raise money for a local charity whilst also having a bit of fun.
This year was no different, once the frost has melted and Anzac Day services were coming to a close, sixty or so MUA members gathered in Burnie for the annual MUA Golf Day.


This year the dollars were flowing rapidly to help those doing it tougher than most; members raised $2750 to give to City Mission’s can/ food drive.



MUA members and Golf day organisers Andrew Spinks and Bill Jongschaap joined Alisha Bull, MUA Tasmania Deputy Secretary to make a presentation to the City Mission team in Burnie. (Pictured here with Scott from City Mission)

Each and every year hundreds if not thousands of dollars are raised by Union members to help out those in need. Usually these efforts go unrecognised.


“Union members are not the 'thugs' as the some would have you believe. They are hardworking people of our community. Our brothers, mothers, fathers and siblings trying hard to protect workplace conditions we all enjoy today whilst also doing a lot of good work for our towns, clubs and broader community.”


With another chilly winter upon us and many families struggling to make ends meet, we are hoping this will go a little way to assist put food on the table and take a bit of the pressure off.


"Charity starts at home" said Bill as he handed over funds by way of grocery gift cards "we are more than happy to be able to help".


The Maritime Union of Australia has and will continue to campaign for our members and their families, for secure employment and for the strengthening of social fabrics for our communities.


MUA Here to Stay!


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney