Hodgman Government to Introduce Draconian Anti Protest Laws

Published: 5 Aug 2014

In recent months we have witnessed ongoing assaults on the social fabrics of this country, not only on workers but the community by and large.

Our way of life, the freedoms and the fairness which we as Australians' pride and value are under attack, not only federally but from our State Government.

In recent weeks the Tasmanian State Government passed legislation in the lower house to introduce new ANTI PROTEST Laws; this bill is now moving to the Upper House for further debate

We as members of this Union and of our communities need to act now to make sure these laws are not introduced!

The introduction of these laws has greater consequence than just "environmental protesters" as the Government would have you believe. It goes deeper to cover ANY protest at ANY business.

The Bill criminalises activity which is in support of a political opinion and a for profit business or government operation is prevented, hindered or obstructed in its business activity.

Along with the introduction of this Bill they have also included mandatory fines and imprisonment for protest activity.


Our only hope now lies with the Legislative Council to vote against these laws.

For them to do that we must let them know, we will not accept this type of totalitarianism.

We will not stand by and watch our communities be attacked by pure right ideology. We will not accept our rights of freedom of speech, association or political communication to be destroyed.

This link  takes you to a petition; we would urge every member and their family to sign by following the prompts once directed to the page.

Please share with your friends , family and networks.

The petition closes on the 28th of August, so it needs a short sharp burst of people signing on.




Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney