Global unions call for action against Honduras

Published: 27 Jul 2009

The International Transport Workers' Federation is calling on worldwide protest action against Honduras flagged ships after last month's military coup.

The protest action will focus on 650 ships that fly the Honduran flag, many of them from other countries that use it as a flag of convenience. 

Most Honduras trade (textiles and coffee) is with the USA.

The ITF call comes as workers in Honduras last week walked out in a general strike

The popular actions cut off the country's principal ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, as well as highways connecting the capital with the northern part of the country. 

As Chair of the Dockers Section MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin urged members to make their voice heard.

Reports that dockworkers in Hondorus fear that if they stop work, the army will 'take over the ports and take the Union out' 

Dockers Secretary Frank Leys has called on dock workers worldwide to show solidarity "What we can do is prove to our brother and sisters in Honduras that they do not stand alone. I suggest that we send them a short but strong message of solidarity to show that as a member of the world wide dockers' family they are not forgotten.

ITF Australia co-ordinator Dean Summers reported to MUA monthly meetings today that the  ITF had mobilised trade unionists in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua, after its member unions within Honduras asked it to help them by organising peaceful demonstrations at its borders with the three neighbouring countries.

ITF Inter-Americas Regional Secretary Antonio Rodriguez Fritz commented: “The situation in Honduras is bad and getting worse, with violent military attacks on demonstrations, two trade unionists killed and others in hiding from arrest. We’re also fearful of the future, based on the experience of the 1970s and 80s, when similar economic and military groupings used death squads to repress dissent and murder trade unionists.”

Members wishing to express solidarity with Honduran workers can do so through motions of support can send messages to the contacts below:  

 The ITF has provided the draft text, in English and Spanish, which can be used and sent on your union's letterhead to Honduras.

Send your letter to:;; 

and copy to:;;

Brothers and sisters, workers of the ports of Honduras.  

On behalf of the workers in the port(s) of [name of the port or country}, we want to express our feelings of 


We know that these must be terrible times in the port and for you and your families. 

Our thoughts are with you and you do not stand alone. 

In solidarity, 



Hermanos y hermanas, trabajadores de los puertos de Honduras.  

En nombre de los trabajadores en [el puerto / los puertos] de [nombre del puerto o país], queremos expresar 

nuestros sentimientos de solidaridad.  

Sabemos que estos deben ser tiempos terribles para los trabajadores del puerto, para sus familias y para el 

pueblo en general.  

Están ustedes en nuestros pensamientos y que sepan que no están solos.  

En solidaridad,  


[título / función] 















Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney