Dockers at Risk in Jakarta Port in Opposing Hutchison Take Over

Published: 5 Aug 2015

The International Transport Workers' Federation is reporting that Indonesian dockers are being intimidated for their opposition of Hutchison taking over the terminal in Jakarta.

Dockers in the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) are facing a future of uncertainty after the Indonesia Port Company (IPC) made a deal with global network terminal operator Hutchison Port Holdings to let them operate the port for the next 20 years.

There are several concerns about the decision:

  • The extension doesn’t take into account the impact on workers. There could be job losses.
  • The union has been ignored when it has attempted over the past year to discuss concerns and seek a transparent process.
  • There has been no open tender for the concession and the process has been rushed even though the existing JICT contract only expires in 2019.
  • The concession extension doesn’t make financial sense and isn’t in the national economic interest.
  • Four workers involved in union activity to voice these concerns were sacked and only reinstated after strike action by the union.

This concession must be cancelled and a transparent process be put in place to handle the situation. IPC also needs to consider JICT Union’s argument that the port should be owned and managed nationally.

How can you support the dockers in Jakarta?

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Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney