Published: 8 Oct 2020

Sunday Shift Payments Viterra Terminal:
Late in 2019 Viterra introduced a new Kronos pay system and reduced the Sunday Night Shift payment, arguing that they had previously overpaid the shifts. The matter has been unsuccessfully conciliated in the Fair Work Commission and will now be pursued by the union as an underpayment in the South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET).

Discrimination re Disability:
We are representing a member who was effectively sacked by Viterra for a non-work-related medical condition. This medical condition is controlled with medication and regular monitoring by the members treating doctor and specialist.

We believe there are grounds for an illegal discrimination argument. The medical condition is under control and there are ample duties and functions that have been given the all clear by the treating doctor. More than enough we think to sustain this fulltime employee in their job.

Return to Work:
Disputes in this area are becoming increasingly common. Do not hesitate to contact your union if you have any questions or issues. Remember as an MUA member legal advice and representation is free of charge.

A longstanding issue relating to part-timers not getting their full superannuation entitlements paid has been referred to the SAET.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney