CSL teams sign up to White Ribbon

Published: 5 Jul 2013

The White Ribbon Campaign is gaining a lot of traction amongst maritime workers and union members as two CSL crews have proven.

Image - SAM_2270.JPG
Some of the CSL Brisbane crew
Image - SAM_2279.JPG
CSL Brisbane

On both the CSL Brisbane and Melbourne the majority of the crew has sworn “never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women this is my oath.”


Maritime Union of Australia member Blake Courtney has taken on the role as ambassador for White Ribbon after attending a conference and taking back what he learned to his fellow crewmembers.


“It’s an issue quite close to my heart,” Courtney said referring to his sister who had been the victim of domestic violence abuse.


“When I came back (from the conference) I explained to everyone else what it was about, it’s not just about not doing it, it’s also about speaking out against it.


“A lot of them went to the website and had a read about the campaign and came back saying they would support it.”


Courtney is so compelling he has managed to not only get the crew on board but also crane drivers from various ports around the country to also sign up.


So far he has 12 but the number is growing.


The MUA fully supports the White Ribbon campaign which hopes to end violence against women.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney