COVID19: Seafarer Alert Tasmania

Published: 7 May 2020

Important information for seafarers. 
As of Midnight 5 May 2020, the Tasmanian State Controller has issued directions that bring that states exemption for Marine crew in line with the national cabinet decision of 9th April.
There are now 3 recognised categories that will be exempted under the state emergency management act provisions:

  1. Seafarers signing off a vessel in Tasmania
  2. Seafarers flying in to join a vessel in Tasmania
  3. Seafarers who are residents of Tasmania returning home

Seafarers will need to demonstrate proof that they meet the criteria.  This will include a letter from their company, which we are working to template for ease of use; also, the declaration to be completed by the Seafarer which we are told will ask them to indicate which category they fall into.
The 3rd category has been the point of contention and inconsistency.  Seafarers from the same inbound location, working for the same company and possessing the same letter from their company have had different quarantine outcomes.  This has been raised consistently within the MRG and through the Tasmanian Premiers, office by the branch.  This outcome has been a significant shift and will free up the restrictions that Seafarers have met, coming back to Tas. 
There still remains the determining factor in category 3 that the seafarer must have completed 14 days at sea prior to entry into Tasmania to avoid mandatory quarantine, however the Tas Govt are construction a mechanism to assess seafarers who wish to return and are under the 14 days, on a case by case basis.
Workers who had been put in Govt Isolation and who had served 14 days at sea prior to entry to Tasmania are eligible to apply under the new provisions and be released from the quarantine.
Letter to Alisha Bull from Tasmanian Premier regarding seafarers exemptions
Tasmanian Government Factseet Class Exemption Maritime Workers


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney