Anthony Attard Memorial Service

Published: 22 May 2020

On Wednesday May 20 it was 6 years since the tragic death of our comrade Anthony Attard in Melbourne. This year like every year since MUA Victoria branch held a memorial service. 
National Secretary Paddy Crumlin wrote this letter to be read at the service
Dear Comrades, 
I'm sorry I couldn't be there today in person due to the current restrictions and difficulties with travel 
Please pass on my best wishes and sympathies and those of the members, officers and staff of both the MUA and ITF to Anthony's family, friends and comrades at the remembrance service today in Melbourne. My thoughts and our thoughts along with Dockworkers and Maritime workers world wide are with you as we consider Anthony’s life and tragic passing.
I know the tragedy of Anthonys death is something the family and his workmates live with every day and we can only hope that the pain experienced by Sandra, Sharnie, Bradon and Jamie can be eased in some small way through the knowledge that they along with Anthony still remain in our daily thoughts and prayers and those of working women and men and their families throughout Australia and the international dockers industry in general
Critically, every one of us must continue to ensure that Anthony's death in that most unfortunate work accident drives all of us collectively, through our union, to do everything within our power and influence to make our workplaces safer. We must strive to keep the employers and regulators accountable so that we ensure the tragedy of the Attard family translates into greater protection for all our members and dock workers generally. Workers must return home safe and sound to their families every day and only our vigilance dedicated to the memory of those who have died at work will make this happen.
This remembrance is a constant reminder as well of the importance  of our determination to remain vigilant of the risks of our employment and the importance of safety at all times on the job
Anthony is remembered as a much loved, respected and loyal family man and friend. It is so important that his life and unnecessary death provide a point of reflection that continues to inspire us all to that greater protection for all workers and their families - just as he would have wanted.
Again, our thoughts, best wishes and ongoing support and sympathies go out to Sandra and the family in  particular along with all his comrades friends and extended family there today. Those there who mark this important day of remembrance each year draw us all together in the national and international Dockers and Seafarers Family as an ongoing reminder of the terrible consequences of industrial accidents for workers, their families and their communities everywhere and our absolute resolve that one death, any death on the job is too many
Sincerely and in unity
Paddy Crumlin
MUA National Secretary


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney