ALP State Convention

Published: 22 Oct 2019

The SA Branch of the MUA is affiliated to the SA ALP for the purpose of agitating for political policy and reform that impacts MUA members and the communities we live in. The MUA division has 1 vote at ALP convention which is insignificant in the scheme of things but when added to the collective strength of the CFMMEU (total 5 votes including MUA), and our affiliation to Active Left and its affiliate unions, we have close to 10% of the votes on the floor of convention. This is further enhanced with a close policy agenda with the broader left faction of the ALP and subsequent support for our motions. Previous conventions have seen important resolutions promoted by the MUA become ALP Policy, including Shipping, Port & Stevedoring Licencing, Stevedoring Safety, Opposition to Sham Contracting , Supporting Australian Shipping, Opposing Tax avoidance , improving tax payments in Oil and Gas Industry & increasing royalties.  We have also influenced social justice issues such as the raising of Social Security (Newstart), ‘No Nuclear Waste Dumps’ and opposition to nuclear power industry. These all have an indirect impact on our members through unintended unemployment (raising Newstart), and handling of radioactive waste (safety). Importantly this year convention supported the MUA’s Fuel Security motion given Australia has only 21 days of fuel reserve where the International Energy Agency recommends a 90 day reserve. Recent attacks on fuel supply in middle east and hostilities in the South China Sea demonstrate the need for Australia to refine and ship its own products around the Australian Coast.

If you are Interested in participating in ALP activities come along to the next Active Left General Meeting on Saturday, 2 November at 2pm at MUA Hall.


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney