ACTU Congress - MUA delegation

Published: 8 Jun 2009

One of the highlights of this years' Congress was the Transport Union Federation solidarity action with our Kiwi comrades EPMU.  NZ flight attendants employed by Zeal are being short changed and are calling on solidarity actions across the Tasman.

The MUA-RTBU-TWU (and CFMEU) went into Brisbane city at lunchtime on Wednesday to support the EPMU in their fight with Air New Zealand. About 120 unionists gathered chanting in the streets “Shame Air New Zealand Shame” outside the company’s head office.

We decided that we weren’t making enough of a statement so we moved into the intersection and sat down in the middle of the road blocking four streets in busy lunchtime traffic.



National Secretary Paddy Crumlin once again on the microphone declared to passersby that “The MUA are here, the TWU are here, the RTBU and the CFMEU are here.”

Just then two police officers approached him and he continued with “And look even the Police Federation are here!” to which the unimpressed officer replied “Righto mate that enough” and took the microphone from him.

Other outcomes from the congress were the re-election of Paddy Crumlin to the ACTU executive board and the new election of myself to the executive board. Due to changes to the rules of the executive we are now entitled to have two positions on the board.

Paddy spoke to the resolution about Superannuation as we have had a lot to do with the formulation of this policy.  Many more resolutions were passed on Indigenous, Work and Family, Environment,
Disability etc.
Deputy PM Julia Gillard attended and all present wore yellow shirts, support of the abolition of the Building Commission with “One Law For All” on them.

The MUA delegation to ACTU Congress led by MUA National Secretary Paddy Crumlin was Mick Doleman, Deputy National Secretary, branch officials Jim Boyle, Mick Carr and Chris Cain, Rod Pickette, MUA Political Resource Centre, Mich-Elle Myers, Women's liaison officer, Patrick Neliman, MUA delegate to ACTU indigenous committee, Fred Krausert, MUA Veterans

ACTU Congress is held every three years and is effectively a parliament for working people where delegates debate and vote on policies regarding workplace rights.

The theme of ACTU Congress 2009 was Unions: Delivering for all working Australians - where job security, rights at work, and a vision for a more prosperous and equal Australia were at the top of the agenda. The content below highlights the policies and resolutions which paves the way for the union movement for the next three years.

You can read policy papers, news releases and filmclips on the ACTU Congress website.

Media releases
Unions to push for radical new cap on executive salaries and bonuses
Unions to outline agenda for job security, workers’ rights and a fairer Australia at ACTU Congress
Unions put forward new plan to protect jobs & workers' entitlements
Unions call for end to discrimination against construction workers & action on workplace deaths
National Accounts figures show the Government’s stimulus packages are working
A fair go for Australian industry by government purchasing will support local jobs

Executive salary
Union Values statement
Global financial crisis


Authorised by P Crumlin, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney