Hands Off Cuba



The MUA in conjunction with the ITF is stepping up campaigning for an end to the illegal blockade of Cuba. The MUA and many other Australian and international  unions have always stood in solidarity and support with the Cuban people and their right to determine their own social system without interference. Our solidarity with Cuba is needed more than ever as the illegal blockade causes major impacts on the Cuban people in the midst of Covid. 

To this end the MUA has developed the Hands off Cuba campaign of which we seek your support.

Cuba has been subjected to more than 60 years of crippling blockades, first imposed by the United Sates (US) in 1960, which continue to impact the economic and social prosperity of the Cuban people.

The ongoing sanctions against Cuba are severely disrupting the economy and working conditions for Cuban workers and their families, jeopardising the fight against Covid, denying access to other medical supplies and to basic food and energy supplies. 

The MUA campaign seeks to raise solidarity with Cuba and also raise funds for urgently required medical supplies that are being denied because of the blockade. Simple syringes are one such example. Cuba has developed five different Covid vaccines but is being denied the right to a vaccination rollout due to shortages of basic supplies. The MUA will work in conjunction with the Tas Bull International Aid Project which has a long history of practical solidarity to Cuba to assist with the supply of urgently required medical supplies.

We ask you to support for this campaign by undertaking one or all of the following activities:

1.       Display a photo of yourself, family or workplace on social media with the placard available for download HERE

2.       Email your selfie sign to mua.communications@mua.org.au

3.       Add this Facebook Profile Frame to you profile pic on Facebook www.facebook.com/profilepicframes/?selected_overlay_id=891305278132920

4.       Make a donation to get practical medical supplies to Cuba to fight Covid and the blockade by donating to this account below:

                     Tas Bull International Aid Project

Bank:  Unity Bank

BSB:  882-000

Account No: 45036

 We look forward to your solidarity in this important campaign.

 You will find attached a recently released statement from the ITF entitled:

Hands Off Cuba - ITF calls for end to blockade after protests. 


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