Work Death Mourned Worldwide

Dock workers around the world join Australian workers mourning thet loss on the Australian wharves

Enough is enough

Comrade Paddy Crumlin

Enough is enough

It was great sadness to heard the death of our fellow worker stevedore Stephen Piper when a 2, 5 tone steel beam fell from crane at Melbourne's Appleton Dock.

On behalf of more than 50,000 seafarers and dockworkers of Indonesia, We convey our condolences.  And to the family and our fellow Australian maritime workers we have to say that we are always proud and respect your struggle and we will be with you at all the time.

In Solidarity

Hanafi Rustandi

President Indonesian Seafarers' Union

Chair ITF Asia Pacific 


The members of the Independent Education Union of Australia share with your union's mourning of the death of Stephen Piper, 41, husband and father of two.

Our union stands with your members in their grief on the loss of their colleague and with their outrage over the loss of seven other waterside workers killed on the job over the past seven years - three of these deaths having occurred in the past five months.

It is unconscionable that Australian workers can not return home safely to their families from their daily jobs.

Please convey our condolences to the workers' families and our support to your members

Yours in solidarity



Independent Teachers' Union

Difficult time

Dear Comrades, Please accept my apologies, but I won't be able to attend the memorial service in Fremantle in honour of your fallen comrades.

My sincere condolences to the families of the deceased and my solidarity greetings to you and your comrades during this very difficult time in the struggle.

I join with my fellow comrades in the public sector union today in honouring Stephen Piper.

La lucha continua.

In unity

Michėle Cohen

CPSU/CSA Councillor

UNIONSWA International Committee

Senseless loss of life

Sorry I am unable to attend  the funeral of our comrade Steve Piper and our condolences go to his family.

It is another sad occasion where a worker is killed at his workplace.

When does industry as whole take workplace safety seriously and stop the senseless loss of life.The miners of the south/west will support any action that will stop workers killed in their workplace.

Graham White

District Secretary

United Mine Workers South / Western District

Kembla Grange N.S.W 2526


Please pass on the sincere condolences of the National Executive, Officers and Members of the service and Food Workers union Nga Ringa Tota to the family, friends and comrades (of Steve Piper) in attendance..

In Solidarity

Neville Donaldson 
Assistant National Secretary 
SFWU Nga Ringa Tota 
New Zealand  

Sad demise 

Dear Brother, We have been shocked to know with great grief and sorrow the sad demise of our brother dock worker who died while working at the port ofMelbourne.

Please accept our heart felt condolence on this tragic death and convey our condolence and sympathy to the bereaved family and friends of the departed soul.


We are of the considered opinion that lack of training, poor safety standards, casual/temporary employment, reduction of workers,
increased working hours causing fatigue are the significant factors for such sad incidents.
Lack of proper legislation and above all even if the national legislation are made there is no machinery to keep an eye as to whether the laws are fully implemented or not. We suggest that punitive clauses to be included for capital punishment of imprisonment in jail for at least ten years rather than imposition of a fine only.And while framing rules and regulations at least half the strength of the body framing legislation must include Union representatives.

I am much disturbed to hear the shocking news and in this moment of time I am afraid I am not in a position of making any more suggestion.

Once again, kindly accept our condolence and convey same to the bereaved family.


Fraternally Yours,
For,Pakistan Merchant Navy Officvers' Association,
Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal,
General Secretary.



To all port workers in Melbourne.

Dear Comrades, We would like to send our deepest condolences after another tragic fatality that ended with the live of another wharfie in the Port of Melbourne, Australia.

We know that these are difficult times for all port workers, families and for all the industry in general.

This is further proof that we must continue with our tireless effort to do everything that is on our hands to guarantee that all ports are safe workplaces and adequate places to work - something that can only be achieved if we maintain a strong union.

From the Transport, Communications and Se Union UGT Spain we want you to know that you are not standing alone.

In solidarity

Amparo Sanchez

International Relations TCM-UGT


 Dear Brothers Paddy and Warren,

Please except my deepest condolences to the family of Brother Steve Piper and his extended family the MUA.

As you both are aware this occurrence reflects the constant push in our industry for more moves/less paid hours per tonne handled.

The ports on Canada's West Coast have enjoyed a rather stellar record over the years as a result of militant attention to safe work practices. Unfortunately new management driven by corporate greed is starting to result in greater serious injury on the job.

Workers on the worlds ports should accept this. 

Deregulation through lax enforcement, attributable to a shortage of properly seasoned and trained  inspectors, must stop before another Sister or Brother is taken through inaction.  

Tom Dufresne


ILWU Canada



Frank LEYS, Secretary, Dockers Section, International Transport Workers' Federation sent the following message to all affiliates worldwide

Dear Friends and Comrades, It is with great regret that we once again have to be the bearer of sad news.

We have been informed that yet another docker has sadly lost his life in the port of Melbourne, Australia, bringing the total figure to three for this past year alone.

That is three too many.

The safety of workers must be of paramount importance.  These appalling accidents are taking place across the globe, often against a background of inadequate health and safety legislations, with dockers paying the highest price.

This is yet further evidence that we must continue our relentless effort to do all in our power to ensure that all ports are safe places in which to work. A work that can only be done if we stand united.

Our deepest sympathies go to our comrade's family, friends and colleagues during these difficult times.

In unity


Wayne Butson, General Secretary, Rail and Maritime Transport Union of New Zealand writes: 

Comrades, I have only just been made aware of the latest fatality on the Australian waterfront.

On behalf of the National President, National management Committee and the 4,500 members of the RMTU I express our heartfelt sympathy and condolence to the family, friends and workmates of the deceased.

Please be assured that our thoughts are with you all during this time.

We strongly support the MUA in is struggle to improve the safety and working conditions of your members as you seek to undo the legacy of the Howard Government years.

The carnage being wrought on the Australian wharves, 3 deaths in the last five months, reminds us of our similar struggle in 1999 within the rail industry following 5 deaths in quick succession.

Our experience was that legislative and regulator attitude change was a requirement to get the step change in H&S within the industry.


Please pass on our solidarity and support to your members and be assured that if we can be of assistance to you in your campaign to improved safety then we will be there.


With deepest sympathy 


Dear Brother Paddy,

Our ILWU Coast Safety Committee is now in session at the Port of Long  
Beach attending the Maritime Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (MACOSH) Meeting to help maintain and improve safety for longshoremen/dockworkers in the USA.

We were very sad to hear about the unfortunate death of a MUA  
dockworker in Melbourne.

On the behalf of our entire union, the ILWU President Robert McEllrath,  
Wesley Furtado VP Hawaii, Willie Adams Secretary Treasurer, Ray Ortiz  
Jr. & Leal Sundet Coast Longshore Committee and myself please extend our thoughts and prayers to the family and eveyone with the MUA for this great loss.

Yours in Solidarity,
Ray Familathe
Vice President
ILWU International Union



I'm so sorry, our jobs are dangerous. No room for error. We work on the edge. Another soldier has died on the battlefield.

Willie Adams