Woodside’s Offshore FLNG Push Puts WA Jobs And Safety At Risk

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Despite opposition from unions – as well as bipartisan political opposition - it appears Shell is not backing away from plans to push its floating liquid natural gas (FLNG) technology on the Woodside Petroleum-operated Browse LNG project, located near Broome.

“Woodside and its joint venture partners do not care about supporting the Australian economy and jobs – putting the facility 200 kilometres away from our coast is an attempt to cut out local workers, cut out local content, and cut out local laws,” MUA Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray said.

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[Picture: MUA Assistant National Secretary Ian Bray]  

“All the unions in this industry – the MUA, AWU and AMWU – are strongly opposed to the offshoring of the processing site on the basis of safety, employment and environmental concerns.”

Chris Cain, Secretary of the WA Branch of the MUA, said that under current laws, unregulated foreign labour could be used on the offshore site, but that the MUA would be engaging with the Federal Government to ensure this did not happen. 

“This is a shortsighted measure to cut labour costs on both construction and operation of the facility,” Mr Cain said.

“It’s no surprise BHP has decided to exit the joint venture – there is a potential disaster looming with this proposal that Shell has been pushing.”

The MUA will be seeking todiscuss this issue with the Federal Government to ensure appropriate national standards around labour, employment, safety, and disaster management are applied - and that the processing remains onshore in Australia.