Win In The Kimberley

Sacked seafarers win picketing protest.

Bosun Joe Ryan and the MUA crew of the Kimberley Queen, Allen Brennan, Joseph Rogowski, Gavin Green, Craig McCorriston and George Jarvis, have had a win.

The MUA crew mounted a picket line outside NT shipping company Perkins after two seafarers Craig McCorriston and Joseph Rogowski were stood down last week.  Worse.  One was sacked.

Ship's bosun, Joe Ryan, told the press  a  "gross miscarriage of justice" had taken place. He said bosses had been "ill informed" and that had led to a "wrong interpretation".

The protest got a write up and photo in the NT News. It meant the ship which services remote northern Australian communities, could not take to sea.

But after a few days of union action the company saw sense.

"It's pleasing to report that the Darwin picket line has ended with a victory," said MUA Assistant National Secretary Warren Smith. "We've won a reinstatement for the sacked member."

"The two members who were stood down (one sacked) have been engaged once more on day work on the vessel.   They will join with the rest of the crew who went out in solidarity with the comrades."

Warren said Interviews will be held this week to finalise the matter inluding the company agreeing to have no orders against the union.

"The company played their cards very badly," he said.  "And that leaves us in a strong position particularly considering the reversal of the sacking and the re-engagement.  Thanks to the Darwin Branch and Andy in particular who provided the necessities on the picket.


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