Wharfies Won't Wear Unjust Sackings

But they are wearing T-shirts saying "I support the reinstatement of Cumbo" in solidarity with MUA POAGS delegate Steve Cumberlidge

Steve (Cumbo) Cumberlidge, one of the more outspoken union delegates at POAGs, Brisbane was sacked last month.  And while the union fights for justice for Steve and all MUA delegates, it is also calling on members to help their workmate financially.
"The SQLD Branch is organising a t-shirt run for Comrade Steve Cumberlidge after his unjust sacking at the hands of POAGs," said MUA assistant national secretary Warren Smith. "Could branches please give consideration to buying a heap of the shirts to raise funds for Steve as he is awaiting the long process of fighting an unfair dismissal?" 
Warren said the union was utilising every avenue to have Steve reinstated but POAGs continue to play hard ball around every issue.

"Steve is a leading delegate in Brisbane and his sacking is of a political motivation and is a case of POAGs attacking delegates in order to undermine the union," he said. "Your Branch's and workplace's support for this fundraising effort would be greatly appreciated."

The t-shirts (see also PDF download below) are going for $30, with all funds to the Cumberlidge family to help see them through.
Members wishing to purchase any should Contact the SQLD Branch through Trevor Munday to confirm orders. (trevor.munday@mua.org.au)