Wharfies Fighting For A Great Cause

War on the wharves - maritime workers fighting for a great cause in this week's boxing stoush - $35,000 for the Children's hospital

Promising to be the biggest stoush since the waterfront dispute of 1998, 20 wharfies will go toe to toe in the name of the Sydney Children’s Hospital next Wednesday night (March 10).

The event will pit first-time fighters from neighbouring wharfs Patricks and DP World at Port Botany against each other - contests including Ben “Kid Candle - One blow and you're out” Robertson v Jules “Pigdog” Parry, Brad “Bruiser” Hay v Dwayne “Dreadlocks” Royale and Chris “Bunza” Burns v Andrew ”Pom” Roberts.

“I really can’t say how grateful we are to all those who have stepped forward and volunteered to fight. We thought this was a good idea when we came up with it earlier this year but we really didn’t expect to get these numbers. They’ve turned it into a great idea”, said Kane Hay, Maritime Union of Australia member, Patricks worker, team trainer and one of the event organisers.

Inspiration for the event came from the daughter of a close friend of Kane and other members of the MUA. When Kiera-Jade Parmentor-Vose was preparing to have a brain tumour removed last year in Sydney Children’s Hospital, Kane and close friends held a benefit night.

“It was a terrific night and then my good mate Jules Parry approached me and said why don’t we stage a boxing contest between the two wharfs with the proceeds to go to the Hospital. It made perfect sense. Jules worked for DP World and me for Patricks and we had also clashed in rugby league playing in the lower grades, me at South Sydney and Jules at the Roosters”, said Kane. “Aside from the way the maritime workers have embraced the event, the fighter’s families, the MUA and members, the Maritime Mining and Power Credit Union and celebrities have rushed to support. We sold out in a few days and with 550 people attending Souths Juniors we expect to raise up to $35,000 for the children."  Souths Juniors have generously donated the venue and food for the evening. “While these fighters have pretty hard heads we’re making sure that nobody goes home too sore with the use of 16 ounce rather than 10 ounce gloves.

Special guests include legendary trainer Johnny Lewis, The Australian Contender winner Garth Wood, and former rugby league greats Brian Fletcher, Les Davidson, Jim Dymock and David Gillespie and boxers Kevin and Glen Kelly. The Patricks boxing stable has been coached by former Newton amateur boxing champion Jayson Laing and Kane Hay, while DP World has had the expert services of Shire trainer Brian Wilmott. “All the scores on the night will be added up and the winning wharf will receive the inaugural War of the Wharves trophy, so I think this event will be around a while”, said Kane.

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